About the game

Nights of Chicago (NoC) is taking place in a world inspired by White Wolf´s World of Darkness. We are following a free interpretation of the game of Vampire the Masquerade. Any similarity with the novel of the same name, except common geographical and historical facts is purely coincident.

 NoC is played in a closed Camarilla setting, with minimal contact to the mortal world. We are aiming for a LARP that focuses on drama, relations and politics, with physical resolutions as a low priority. In correlation with the above we are keeping the rule system simple. We have chosen to do this to keep room for roleplay to carry the storyline instead of an iron grip of rules. We trust the players attending this event to be mature and all push forward for the joint roleplaying experience.

Nights of Chicago – NoC was first launched in the Netherlands in november 2014, we had great responses and ran 3 games. With head STs relocated back to Denmark we are cleaning the slate and restarting the game now on Danish soil in collaboration with Ripen Liverollespil (www.ripen.dk).

Who are the storystellers behind the game:

  • Heidi Nis-Hanssen
  • Didi Jane Barendregt
  • Stine Rann Lund
  • Rasmus Langschwager Jensen