The Brujah are most passionate, and this is the force or the drive, that pushes its members forward.
This passion is the clan’s weakness as well.
The Brujah are known for a fierce temperament, and they are more likely to go into frenzy, because of these powerful feelings.
The clan has moved from being dominated by scholars and warrior poets to rebels and criminals.
Clan Brujah isn't just about rebellion and destruction though.
When a Brujah finds a course, he will follow it to the end in a most idealistic way.
Clan Disciplines: celerity, potence, presence


The members of clan Gangrel find themselves better suited for the desolate outstretches of nature than the buzzing sounds of the cityscape. They are mostly loners and prefer to move around, not staying in the same place for too long. The few who settles do due to a deep social need and yet still chooses to live on the outskirts of the city they call home.
The clan curse is a result of their close bond with the beast, when they frenzy some feature of the animal inside will permanently show itself on the outside. The older the gangrel, the greater chance of multiple beast marks.
Note from the ST: the beast mark(s) must be shown either through animalistic behavior and/or makeup/costume.
Clan Disciplines: animalism, fortitude, protean


The insane, the whack jobs, the nuts are but a few names the clan of Malkavian are being called by many kindred, who are made uncomfortable by the profound insights the Malkavian possess.
In times, long past they were prophets or truth Sayers respected by all.
Today most consider them just mentally ill. Even with their disorders one should not discount the Malkavians.
Often it seems like all member of the clan a connection, and if something happens within the interest of the clan more will show shortly.
Often it seems like all member of the clan a connection, and if something happens within the interest of the clan more will show shortly.
The insight comes with a steep price, all members of the clan suffers from one or more derangements depending on age and strength.
Clan Disciplines: auspex, dementation, obfuscate

the Nosferatu have gotten the most visible curse of all. The clan have been forced by the laws of the Camarilla to hide their horrible looks from the world, and many kindred are still disgusted by a Nosferatu who removes his disguise. However due to eons of hiding the clan have truly found their calling in all that is secret and being hidden.
One can almost always get the required information from a Nosferatu... Just remember all things have a price.
Note from the ST: the appearance of the horrifying creatures, must be shown in makeup/costume and possible the behavior.
Clan Disciplines: animalism, potence, obfuscate


The members of the Toreador clan are most likely the ones who deals the most with humans and the human world, mostly because the humans interest the Toreador. They look at a human friendship as a way to keep contact with the modern world.
A kind of beauty is all that matters.... Though it should be mentioned, it isn’t always clear why a Toreador finds something beautiful but when they do encounter the one thing they find perfect all around them is forgotten.
Clan Disciplines: auspex, celerity, presence,


The Tremere are the smallest clan but likely the most hierarchical one of all within the Camarilla. Their expertise of blood magic gives them great power and influence, though the blood magic also makes many vampires unsettled and distrusting of the clan.
The Tremeres can seem distant and arrogant towards most others and due to their structure, they tend to all live together within their chantry. Only the oldest among them remember the clans dark past and how they came to be.
Members of the Tremere clan all gets blood bound to their clan elder shortly after the embrace.
Clan Disciplines:  auspex, dominate, thaumaturgy


The born leaders of the Camarilla. It is in all Ventrues blood to control and influence the world around them. They are the nobles, the CEOs and the politicians. Most kindred agree the Ventrues can be a bit arrogant and too much of a snoop, but that will never change the fact that most princes come from the Ventrue clan. Clan Ventrue owns a very delicate palate, and can only drink from a certain type of blood.
Normally it is not too hard to come around when pulling in the clan’s network reaching far and wide in the human world.
Clan Disciplines: fortitude dominate, presence.


These are the lowest scum among vampires and are treated as such. Most are created with no knowledge of clan or sire. Others have chosen to hide the truth about this.
Clan Disciplines: None. These are chosen over the characters BG.
A ghoul is a mortal servant bloodbound to his dormitor.
Serving his dormitory in hope to get a another drop of delicious vampire blood. As the vampire loses humanity she will treed the ghoul more like a tool and less like a living person. The longer a ghoul has served a vampire the more gifted they become in the vampire’s discipline.