Combat rules

This combat system designed for close combat with fists or melee weapons. Firearms is allowed in the game but please keep it down to a minimum the setting is supposed to be a secure location.

Also remember to leave your weapons inside the building if you go outside. This is to prevent trouble with none players in the area. We suggest hardball weapon as props,  remember to make sure no ammo are left in the weapon. Combat always happens by comparing Fighting skill, eg. two parties compare their Fighting skilland the highest win the battle.

All characters can have different disciplines which increases the number match. The basic idea is that each level you have in a discipline, increases you Fighting skill.

These will be put on top in the same way as other factors.

IMPORTANT! Vampires are supernatural beings, and most weapons are not manufactured for this type of battle. In short, only magically manufactured weapons and high tech guns have the ability to do real damage on a vampire.

Examples of bonuses to fighting skill done by different weapons. magically enhanced sword + 2, pistol +1, automatic gun +2, shotgun/ rifle +3.

How to Fight
When both parties have announced their Fighting skill, the fight are roleplayed as a stunt battle. Normally the highest number wins, but remember roleplay before rules, there might be a reason for another outcome. If you by chance finds both parties with equal Fighting skill, be your own judge, and figure out who stands better in the situation. If the parties can’t reach a settlement both parties lose 2 blood points and get to beat each other up. Remember to fit the fight with other spectators, furniture and whatever else may be damaged.

Important! If the parties are in an offgame or public location, the match is not roleplayed, but the loser is forced to leave the place, and must find a story about how he / she was smashed, and how fortunate was he/she to get away.

The winner and loser
When the match is settled and fought to the end, the loser is unconscious or badly hurt, and is left to his opponent's grace, The winner is obviously hurt, but how much is not a fixed rule. (please do you own ruling). If the match were very unbalanced (eg. an elder vampire against a human without fighting skills) the vampire leaves unbruised, but otherwise it is recommended that you lose at least 2-3 blood points.

Damage and health point.
The health points are out! The vampiric body is a corpse kept alive by the blood, as soon as the body is damaged the body is automatically using the blood to heal. Instead of remembering two different stats your damage is draining directly on your blood points.

Remember to take care of yourself and others in the combat zone. It is just a game!