Teaser 1

“Mr. Leroy, Mr. Leroy!!!”
The Gangrel was yelling as he ran. He pushed open the doors in the warehouse, and ran into the big hall.
The Ventrue looked up from the maps on the table in front of him.
The hall of the warehouse had been out of use for quite some time, before Mr. Leroy bought it for its strategic placement, just behind the frontline. Since he had been deployed into active frontline duty by the Prince, Mr. Leroy had used the warehouse as his command center for the eastern flank, that was now under his command.
“What?” Mr. Leroy asked, his annoyance with the rude interruption almost kept out of his voice.
Closer on, the Gangrel was badly beaten, bloody, with his clothes in rags.
He leaned against the table, blood dripping on the carefully marked maps.
“The flank is caving in sir. They are getting through.”
Leroy’s eyes opened wide. “How? WHY? We are so many more than them!”
The Gangrel fell down, now sitting on a crate, he answered:
“Yeah sure we are. But unlike Them, we do not have three meters tall, lumpy, scary, claw-and-teeth-all-over monsters, on our side. We do, on the other hand, have the Big-Ass problem of trying to keep the masquerade up. You know, hiding three-meter monster-thingies from humans, while fighting for our lives, and that sort of stuff.”
Leroy would have to get in contact with the Prince. And immediately at that.
The military grade radio was making static, but no contact.
Damned Toreador, Selling him substandard hardware, no doubt.
Cursing under his breath, he went to the old guard’s office. He used it for storing paperwork, and had the phone repaired for good measure.
He dialed the number for his secretary, paused for a moment and then instead dialed the number for his top security ghoul, whom he briefed quickly. He would have to take the news to the Seneschal and the Nosferatu.
“Of course, sir, I’ll leave immediately! Oh and, congratulations on the sale”
“What sale?”
“Well, the radio tower. I had no idea you were selling, but I have just heard about the contract. Apparently, the new owners closed it for repairs. Our radio-communication is down at the moment.”
Leroy was staring at the phone, even after the ghoul hung up.
War was coming on all fronts. No doubt.
War was coming.