Chicago, September, 1986

"Wake me up before you GoGo..."!
Without warning the number One hit from a few years ago started blasting loudly through the apartment. Any bypassers would have noticed a young man jumping on one leg, trying to get the other into a pair of tight leather pants, only to fall and crash into a old fashioned floor lamp which had seen better days.
One of the doors towards the room opened and a figure filled its plac, glaring with disbelief towards the scene unfolding in their shared living room. The man in a decades old nightshirt with matching nightcap sneered.
"What’s going on with this ungodly noise in this hour of the night?! You’re not giving the dead any chance in hell to sleep… is that MY pants?!"
The now less pantless young man stopped fighting to get the lampshade to sit back straight, and left it hanging looking almost saddened.
"Going on?! GOING ON???? During the day the martial law has been lifted!" as the first song ended, the radio started another one with an equally annoying quick beat to take its place. The young dark haired man started to dance around, still trying to fix the lampshade in his passing.
The man with the nightshirt shrugged while looking towards the eager, excited, and clearly over-enthusiastic young man… in times like these, the other was way to young for his own good. A caring smile formed on his lips as he walked towards his newest lover.
"Yes, yes that's right. But do you think it is safe, Jason?"
The second concentrated on styling a perfect hairdo.
"Safe? Safe! This will be like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. New Year on Times square! All the fresh blood will be on the street just for the taking. So of course, no, not safe, George."
Jason turned around running his hands down the back on the nightshirt clad man pulling him into a kiss, only letting go to grab his ass. Jason flashed a near perfect smile towards the older man.
"And no one! Not even that stick in a mud of a rat prince is going to stop me!"
George looked terrified over his shoulder as If something was lurking in the shadows of the apartment.