How to register and start the character creation process.

In the bottom is the form you will need to fill in.

We have chosen not to approve group concepts, but it is possible make request who you would like to play with and we will take this in to consideration when distributing the characters. Be aware that this may influence which one of your concepts that you will get to play.

Each player will have to send us an email with your information. And remember this a camarilla setting, at NoC 3 we will not accept any new non-camarilla concept.

Choose your top 3 priorities of clans, and your top 3 wishes for age categories.
Write 2-3 character concepts. Max 10 lines.

After we have received your registration, you will be contacted as soon as possible about your character and how the creation will continue.

As for continuing roles, you will be contacted as soon as possible how the interlude will continue.

Register here