The rule of suggestion

To make the mental disciplines more alive and playable. We give you the rule of suggestion.

the rule is designed to use your mental discipline on one person or at most to a small group.
You use a discipline by saying "really really" in the sentence expressing what you want to do with your mental discipline. For example:

Dominate: "I really, really want you to go away"
Presence: "You really, really like me, don't you”?
Auspex: "I really, really see a nosferatu in that corner"
Dementation: "you really, really believe that you see a bird, don't you”?

Since there are three Power Levels, the way of showing your Power Level is by adding an extra Really for Level 2(3xreally) and two extra for level 3(4xreally). This means that if someone says “I really, really, really want you to tell me what happened.” that’s a Vampire using a Discipline at level 2.

It's up to the victim to choose exactly how to play out an effect. This means that an older, more powerful vampire, with more mental discipline levels than you, might react very little to your suggestion.

But the most important thing: Play each other up! And remember, the more really really's you hear, the more powerful an opponent, and the more you should play up the effect.

Another important mechanic in the discipline system is the "ignore me" rule. Hands held up, with one or three fingers showing, indicates, that unless you have the auspex discipline, you cannot see the person, and should ignore him.

If you have auspex on level one, you can sense a person using the "ignore me" mechanism, on level one -allways standing still.

If you have auspex on level three, you can sense a person using the "ignore me" mechanism on level three -walking around.

In both cases, you'll have to use the discipline, spending blood and stating it with the really, really mechanism.