Setting - A World of Darkness inspired tale

In regard to the setting, we want a setting inspired by World of Darkness to feel dark. To those new to this kind of setting, we imagine a world that is a mirror of our ordinary, everyday world (in Nights of Chicago, cast back to 1986), but it is a darkly tinted mirror; police officers are more likely to be corrupt, more of the conspiracies about sinister world-dominating plots are real. And the dark corners of the world are inhabited by monsters, hiding their monstrosity behind a facade of humanity, needing it to fool the world - and often themselves.

There are certainly grand tales for those thus inclined in such a world, but these are not tales of glorious conquest or virtuous purity. In Nights of Chicago, these are tales of clinging on to meaning for another day in a disintegrating world. They are tales of desperation, crisis and eventual downfall.

The price of freedom

7 years ago, Nicolai took the city from the Sabbat. The specific power of the prince and his clan is not clearly known, but it is certainly extensive, and with the Sabbat still having a presence in the suburbs, the continued safety of the city is largely attributed to the efforts of the prince and his clan.

At the same time, the nosferatu keep an information network running in the city, and is quick to correct actions that might jeopardize the city.

The result is something of a surveillance society: Adherence to the traditions is expected, and failure to live up to this expectation is punished. Furthermore, in an era of limited communication technology – no mobile phones, and no widespread use of the internet – information control is that much easier.

The scions of the prince will be happy to tell you that this is all done for your sake, of course – the alternative is the Sabbat, and to fight them, some sacrifices are necessary.