The hunt

The hunt! When you go low on blood points (BP) your inner beast calls for vitae or blood. The game has a hunting room close to the SL’s quarter.

The hunting is a semi p’n’p session, you can either use your animalism discipline to gather animals, or do the hunt in a fashion which reflects your character.

Either way the more discreet you are while hunting the lesser are your risks of breaking the masquerade or encounter bad stuff. Remember the Chicago area a very large this means that the transport time to a specific location could be long. Trying to locate a farm is close to impossible, where a backalley and locating a rat or cat is more likely.

Mortals have 10 BP. Blood Points indicates the amount of blood you have in your body. At 5 BP she will faint and if she goes below 3 BP, she is very much ready for hospital. It takes 6 hors for a mortal to regain 1 BP.

Vampires lose 2 blood points each time they wake from sleep. When a vampire has lost more than half his blood points he will feel a great thirst, discomfort and find it difficult to control himself.