Nights of Chigaco - Vampire Live

Nights of Chigaco - Vampire Live

3. februar 2017 5. februar 2017

"Nights of Chicago (NoC) is taking place in a world inspired by White Wolf ́s world of darkness. We are following a free interpretation of the game of Vampire the Masquerade. ‘Nights of Chicago’ is, as the name says, taking place in the American city of Chicago in 1984. Until 5 years ago the city was under Sabbat rule, but now the honorable Prince Nicolai is ruling the city with a firm hand. After the liberation of the city however, the Prince has not shown himself, but he is making sure that his Primogen and Seneschal are aware of his wishes. Together with most of clan Nosferatu, the prince resides most of the time in the suburbs of Chicago, where fighting against various Sabbat packs are still intense."

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